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Borichem is a global supplier of chemical raw materials for boron related chemicals, established in 2001 as a subsidiary of Doer Chemical Group.
At the beginning of our development, we were only a boric acid plant located in Qinghai Province, China, which is also one of the richest boron ores in the world.
We are rapidly developing into a leading high-tech company integrating R&D, production, and trading and into a world-leading supplier of ultra-fine boric acid powder, boron nitride, and related products. Our products include chemical raw materials such as boric acid, borax, boric anhydride, boron carbide, boron nitride, borates, and rare earth borides as high-end custom services for ultrafine boron and boron nitride.
Consistent quality and adequate supply are what we have been striving for. We are deeply engaged in the production and R&D of chemical raw materials for agriculture, electroplating, construction materials, refractory materials, chemistry, medicine, metallurgy, superconductivity, nuclear industry, and aerospace. We will always strive to provide high-quality chemical raw materials for the global chemical industry.


Giazua New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

 was established to provide additives for

 lithium battery cathode materials, 

including fine boric acid powder, 

fine zirconia powder, fine aluminum 

sulfate powder, etc.


Borichem was established to be
responsible for overseas markets
for boron products.


Zhengzhou production base was 

established to produce fine boric acid

 powder.  the output of 2000 mesh

 boric acid (D50 10 μ M ± 2) 

exceeded 200 tons.


The first HBN production line was

 established in Liaoning. The company

 began to diversify the development 

of boron products and set up a boride

 production laboratory.


 Liaoning production base was 

established to start the production and 

research of High-purity boric acid


In our early years, we were a boric

 acid factory in Qinghai, which is 

the most abundant area of boron 

ore in China

Corporate business

Product customization

What we can customize include product indicators, packaging, mass order, etc., which can meet customers' specific needs for products. If you have personalized needs for products and want more product support, please contact us

Brand OEM

We create a personalized brand for customers. You can order products and packaging according to your brand positioning. We provide long-term and lasting after-sales service
If you want to have your own brand and unique products in boron-related products, please contact us

Joint research and development

Based on our advanced equipment and strong research and development team, we can participate in the early product research and development of customers according to their needs. We are willing to provide support on chemical raw materials and make common progress with customers.
If your product is currently in the research and development stage and you want to get support from the research and development of raw materials, please contact us

Boric acid customization

Henan borichem Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiaryofChina Doer chemical group. The
history of the companycan be traced back to 1985. Starting from the earliest boric acid
processing plant, it has gradually developedinto a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D,
productionand trade. It is the world's leading supplier of customizedboric acid and 
boron-related products.
Why choose us

Our advantage

BORICHEM is a professional boron chemical raw material supplier, our business scope involves the whole industry chain.
He has been engaged in boron industry for more than 20 years.
Low cost of raw materials
We have a quality of 30% ore source, which has a cost advantage
Customized services
Provide professional boron product customization services
One-stop service
Professional international trade service team