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Application of boric acid in leather industry

What are the benefits of boric acid as a deashing agent? What indicators should be met?

Boric acid deashing agent relatively speaking, it belongs to weak acid, more safe and environmental protection, and deashing performance is not bad. So this deashing agent boric acid, and how to choose?

First, two characteristics must be satisfied:

First, there can be no caking, can neutralize the alkali in the skin, and can form a soluble salt with calcium and easy to be removed by washing;

Second, the content is enough, must have strong ph buffer, avoid low ph value lead to the skin surface of the swelling.

Boric acid requirements: industrial boric acid, 60-140 grain size, one-step sulfuric acid production process, the main content ≧99.9%, the appearance of white powder granular, good dry fluidity, easy storage is not easy to caking.