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What is the action of boric acid and use taboo?

Most people don't know much about boric acid. It has a good therapeutic effect on skin diseases, but when using, we should pay attention to avoid the wound contact with water, avoid infection, but also avoid large area use, avoid skin poisoning.

You can use boric acid solution externally to clean the wound, which can play a very good effect. In some cases, you can directly use boric acid solution to clean the wound, which can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and protect the skin to a certain extent. If the skin has itching symptoms, you must stop taking the medicine immediately.

What is the function of boric acid?

Boric acid solution can quickly promote skin absorption, has a good antiseptic effect, can be used for skin surgery, can also be used for cleaning wounds. Boric acid lotion can be used to treat skin diseases, it can also be used to treat acute eczema, and it can also be used to treat allergic dermatitis. In the treatment of skin diseases should pay attention to the reasonable use, avoid adverse reactions, can be in the use of boric acid lotion as much as possible daub on the skin, every few minutes to replace once, so as to play a very good anti-inflammatory effect.

Two, what is the taboo of boric acid

1. Avoid getting wet

When using boric acid lotion for skin treatment, pay attention to the cleaning of the wound, avoid infection, avoid contact with water, so as to reduce the side effects of the skin, if it is broken skin, you can avoid using, if used medicine, there will be slight irritation.

2. Don't use it on a large scale

When using borax solution, we must avoid large amounts of use, otherwise it will produce cumulative poisoning, excessive use will stimulate the skin, if excessive use, will lead to poisoning, there will be diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal symptoms, and even central nervous system, skin symptoms, such as muscle cramps, drowsiness.