Boric acid for disinfection of aquatic products

High purity boric acid used in Hubei aquatic disinfection

From March to May each year, many aquaculture customers will start using boric acid, not only to supplement trace elements, regulate the PH of the water, but also for disinfection. Every year at this time will come into contact with a lot of breeding north and south white shrimp, their farming range is very wide, the area is also very large, the demand for boric acid is also very large, all the time, Hubei aquatic disinfection customers have been using imported boric acid, and then accidentally used a little high purity boric acid, feel similar, completely can be replaced, and then has been used so far. Not only use themselves, but also introduce a lot of customers in the same industry, this trust and support is our driving force, we have been working hard for it.

Why is Del high purity boric acid so popular?

Deer high-purity boric acid is made of Meaboron raw materials, processed by 2-step production process, with high purity, white appearance and very low impurity content. The quality indicators are superior to national standard excellent products, replacing imported boric acid and more in line with the use of aquatic disinfection customers. Moreover, from the detection of raw materials to the generation of finished products, they have been strictly tested to ensure stable quality. In addition, in order to ensure the stable use of customers, we also have a large storage center, no matter at any time to ensure stable supply.