Boric acid for resistant materials

Li Zong of Hebei Resistant Material Factory has been using our DEL industrial boric acid stably. In their process, boric acid mainly plays the role of high temperature binder, and is also one of the essential raw materials, which helps to sintering refractory materials, enhance the strength of the furnace lining, improve the service life of the furnace and product quality. Mr. Li found our boric acid industry through the network, feedback that he had purchased boric acid raw materials in local trade before, has been suffering from unstable quality, and wants to find domestic boric acid manufacturers with stable quality. After the patient explanation of our professional customers, the current decision to purchase 10 tons of industrial boric acid trial, after a period of trial, the feedback effect is really good, followed by the purchase of a car volume, and then successively purchased and used so far, Der boron industry is committed to the development of industry-specific boric acid production and sales, Making every industry use more suitable boric acid raw materials is the direction and goal of our efforts.

Derer industrial boric acid, the appearance of granular powder, 60-140 mesh, higher content than similar grade products on the market, dry, good fluidity, less easy to caking. In general, the color is white, less impurities, has its own mineral source, factory direct sales, spot supply, and stable quality. In addition, in order to ensure the needs of customers with urgent orders, Zhengzhou also has a large warehouse, with hundreds of tons of spot inventory, so that customers are more worry-free procurement, will not be affected by the quality of supply.