Boric acid for water-soluble fertilizers

Henan water-soluble fertilizer manufacturers have been using our agricultural boric acid stably. Boric acid is a trace element in agriculture, and it is also an indispensable raw material. Initially Henan Lei general through a friend to find our boric acid industry, feedback to listen to friends say that we have a good effect of agricultural boric acid, want to try and friends of the same specifications of products, after our patience and detailed explanation, direct procurement of a batch of trial, after the trial said that the effect is really good, followed by a single batch, stable cooperation behind the present! This is also the recognition and trust of our special boric acid for agricultural fertilizer! Del boron industry is committed to the development and sales of industry-specific boric acid, so that each industry to use more suitable boric acid raw materials is our purpose, we have been sticking to the same.

Deer agricultural boric acid is made of Meaboron raw materials, processed by 2-step production process, with high purity, white appearance and very low impurity content. The quality indicators are superior to national standard excellent products, replacing imported boric acid and more in line with the use of agricultural customers. Moreover, from the detection of raw materials to the generation of finished products, they have been strictly tested to ensure stable quality. In addition, in order to ensure the stable use of customers, we also have a large storage center, no matter at any time will ensure stable supply, so that you are more worry-free procurement!