boric acid is used in water-soluble fertilizer plants

Hubei water-soluble fertilizer plant selected Delboric acid

Although the epidemic is more serious, especially in Hubei, but for the agricultural fertilizer industry, March is the time to prepare fertilizer, for some enterprises to resume work, how to send raw materials into the top priority, because the logistics has not yet opened, for the driver who enters Hubei is also a test, even so, we can not delay the demand for fertilizer production. In order to ensure the smooth production of Hubei water-soluble fertilizer plant, we contact the quantity of vehicles, assist in the processing of documents, and some subsequent materials. Stop the epidemic, but do not isolate love, there are also many love vehicles in the society for the smooth production of Hubei enterprises to resume work enterprises many times in Hubei, it is in this way, we ensure the supply of boric acid raw materials, stabilize the production of Hubei water-soluble fertilizer plant!

The quality of Delboric acid is stable and the supply is more stable

Delboric acid, the appearance of granular powder, 60-140 mesh, higher content than similar grade products on the market, less easy to caking. In general, the color is white, less impurities, has its own mineral source, factory direct sales, spot supply, and stable quality. In addition, in order to ensure the needs of customers with urgent orders, Zhengzhou also has a large warehouse, with hundreds of tons of spot inventory, so that customers are more worry-free procurement, will not be affected by the quality of supply