electroplating factory choose industrial boric acid

Hebei electroplating factory choose industrial boric acid has a year later, many enterprises have started to work, because years ago fluctuations in raw materials, combined with a lot of customers are waiting, no stock, after years’ work, is in a hurry, but domestic boric acid factory took basic it is Lantern Festival to go to work, this leads to the middle of the gap, the short-term boric acid out of stock, Hebei electroplating factory had been in the hands of local traders to pick up goods, but have not yet begun to prepare goods, in a hurry to find the boron industry, fortunately, we have a large warehouse center in Zhengzhou, will be fully stocked, supply the urgent need to use boric acid customers, soon, we arranged delivery, began the first cooperation. , boric acid because quality is stable and popular, boric acid, appearance of grain powder, 60-140 mesh, than similar content high grade products on the market, more is not easy to agglomerate. In general, the color is white, less impurities, has its own mineral source, factory direct sales, spot supply, stable quality. In addition, in order to ensure the needs of customers with urgent orders, Zhengzhou also has a large warehouse, with hundreds of tons of spot inventory, so that customers are more worry-free procurement, will not be affected by the quality of supply! Had boron – 18 years dedicated research and development of boric acid production, more professional boric acid brand! If you are interested in Deer industrial boric acid, welcome to call the company free hot money: 400-050-3686, you can also directly consult with our sales consultants online!