Foliar fertilizer customers use Del high purity boric acid

leaf fertilizer customers use DEL high purity boric acid

We all know that foliar fertilizer application amount is small, the effect is rapid and obvious, is a kind of economic, effective and good fertilization measures, especially for some trace elements, more has its advantages, but we see that the foliar is susceptible to climatic conditions, but also because of different crop types and growth periods, the effect of foliar fertilization is very different, so for the boron-containing foliar fertilizer, The customer’s choice of boric acid is also very important, especially for cold climate areas, the solubility of boric acid is very important, not only need to dissolve in water, but also need few impurities to avoid the phenomenon of blocked pipes. Shaanxi leaf fertilizer customers compared a lot of boric acid, and finally felt that the high purity boric acid was better to use. Deer boron industry is committed to the development, production and sales of industry-specific boric acid, so that every customer can use more suitable boric acid raw materials to convey love and warmth.

Why is Del high purity boric acid so popular?

Deer high-purity boric acid is made of Meaboron raw material, processed by 2-step production process, with high purity, white appearance and very low impurity content. The quality indicators are superior to national standard excellent products, replacing imported boric acid and more in line with the use of foliar fertilizer customers. Moreover, from the detection of raw materials to the generation of finished products, they have been strictly tested to ensure stable quality. In addition, in order to ensure the stable use of customers, we also have a large storage center, no matter at any time to ensure stable supply.