Foliar fertilizer plants trust Delboric acid

Henan leaf fertilizer manufacturers choose del boric acid

The epidemic gradually stabilized, Henan more boric fertilizer factory began to stock production, this is not Henan leaf fertilizer factory boss Zhang called to consult leaf fertilizer with boric acid, because it is to import from domestic boric acid, der staff in a responsible attitude, it is recommended to sample testing, and in the first time arranged to send the sample, Boss Zhang soon received the sample and arranged testing. The test results are very consistent with the use, and the purchase of delboric acid is very smooth. Integrity management has always been the credibility of the purpose, so no matter what kind of boric acid you use, large or small amount we will do a good job!

Del foliar fertilizer boric acid is popular because of its stable quality

Deer foliar fertilizer boric acid is made of boron raw materials, processed by 2-step production process, with high purity, white appearance and very low impurity content. The quality indicators are superior to national standard excellent products, replacing imported boric acid and more in line with the use of foliar fertilizer customers. In addition, in order to ensure the stable use of customers, we also have a large storage center, no matter at any time to ensure stable supply.