Glue customers choose DEL high purity boric acid

Jiangsu glue customers use DEL high purity boric acid

The customer of Jiangsu glue found Del boron industry around April 22, because of the distrust of domestic boric acid, has been using imported Chilean boric acid, the reason why he found Del boron industry is because he bought a batch of imported boric acid years ago, the use is different from the previous, resulting in great losses, and then want to find a stable supplier. But I still want to use imported boric acid, considering this situation, we did not force, directly ordered 5 tons of first use. Because the difference between domestic boric acid and imported Chilean boric acid is several hundred, coupled with our grasp of the product and knowing that it can definitely be used, we gave a generation of DEL high-purity boric acid for free to test, and started the experiment with a try attitude, and tried many times before and after, and finally determined that it can be used and can reduce costs, that is, after this, we began to cooperate. Derer boron industry is committed to the industry special boric acid research and development, production and sales, so that every customer to use the boric acid raw materials is the direction of our efforts, we have been on the road.

Why is Del high purity boric acid so popular?

Deer high purity boric acid using boron raw materials, processed by 2-step production process, high purity, white appearance, impurities content is very low, the quality indicators are better than the national standard excellent products, instead of imported boric acid, more in line with the use of glue customers. Moreover, from the detection of raw materials to the generation of finished products, they have been strictly tested to ensure stable quality. In addition, in order to ensure the stable use of customers, we also have a large storage center, no matter at any time to ensure stable supply.