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Main Products

Our products include boric acid powder, borax powder, high-purity boric acid, boron nitride, soliciting coating materials, etc.

Boric Acid Powder

Boric acid powder typically refers to boric acid particles with a diameter range of 5μm-75μm. This powder is usually obtained through secondary grinding of industrial-grade boric acid.

Boron Nitride

Hexagonal boron nitride has a layered structure similar to graphite, has good insulation, heat resistance and lubricity, and is often used as a high-temperature lubricating material, electrical insulating material and ceramic reinforcement.

Boric Acid Granules

The most widely used boric acid in the world, a colorless crystalline solid. It has a high melting point and boiling point, and is widely used in glass, agriculture, ceramics, medicine, metal processing, petroleum, leather and other industries

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Why boric acid can adjust the PH?

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Why is boric acid a monobasic acid?

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Why boric acid can be used as cement retarder?

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Why boric acid can be used as high temperature flux?

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Here are some videos about us. It is our belief to bring better and more environmentally friendly chemical raw materials to human progress.

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