How to kill cockroaches with Boric Acid

I believe many friends have seen the video of boric acid killing cockroaches on the Internet. But do you know how boric acid can kill cockroaches? Today i will tell you about it.

First of all, boric acid is very hygroscopic. The shell of a cockroach is mainly made up of protein and chitin, which are very sensitive to humidity. When they are ingested, the water in cockroaches will be quickly evaporated, making their shells dry and fragile. Thus it affects their vitality and reproduce to kill cockroach.

Secondly, boric acid also has the effect of stomach poisoning. The boric acid molecule contains three hydroxide ions and one boron ion, which can damage the cockroach’s nervous system and digestive system, interfering with its metabolism, and eventually cause the cockroach to die.

In addition, boric acid has a decoy effect and is easily mixed with other baits, such as sugar balls, mashed potatoes, etc. Cockroaches will be attracted to these foods, which will lead to the ingestion of boric acid and to die.

In summary, boric acid kills cockroaches because of its hygroscopicity, toxicity, and decoy effects. These properties make boric acid a very effective insecticide that is widely used in the control of cockroaches in homes and commercial premises. But at the same time, it should be noted that boric acid has a certain toxicity to human body, so it should be paid attention to safety when using it.