Special cement customers choose Delboric acid

Hebei special cement customers believe in Delboric acid
After the epidemic, special cement plants began to resume work, for special cement, boric acid is an essential raw material, mainly to play a role in retarding coagulation. For Hebei special cement customers, one after another started, then you want to find good quality, stable supply of boric acid manufacturers, then you can really find, you can go to the official website of the boron industry to see those products, among them, there are many special cement customers have been buying the boric acid, most of them are from the test to the pilot to the batch use, It has been proved by the practice of many customers. So choose Delboric acid, your good choice!
Have to say good products, you deserve to have
Delboric acid, the appearance of granular powder, 60-140 mesh, higher content than similar grade products on the market, less easy to caking. In general, the color is white, less impurities, has its own mineral source, factory direct sales, spot supply, and stable quality. In addition, in order to ensure the needs of customers with urgent orders, Zhengzhou also has a large warehouse, with hundreds of tons of spot inventory, so that customers are more worry-free procurement, will not be affected by the quality of supply