Tablet release agent customer approved Delboric acid

Henan tablet release agent customers identify Delboric acid
In recent years, the press stripping industry has been more, from the previous use of magnesium stearate, but because magnesium stearate is insoluble in water, the finished product will appear floating, and some use k12, although the stripping effect is very good, but it will produce bubbles. The changes of downstream customers will require the laminating release agent customers to constantly update the product, and now converted to the use of boric acid, this excessive is also to show that the downstream customers’ demand for the industry is constantly changing, in response to this change, Del boron industry is also constantly updating the product, from the more commonly used 120 mesh, 200 mesh, Such as conventional products to now use the special envoy delicate process to develop new products to better meet the needs of customers for boric acid, and this special product has also been recognized by many customers. Del boron industry is committed to the industry special boric acid research and development and sales, continuous innovation of products, is to let each industry can use more suitable boric acid raw materials, so that every customer can feel the intimate service, Del people have been working hard for it!
Delboric acid is more suitable for release agent customers
Delboric acid, the use of boron raw materials, processed by 2 steps of production process, high purity, white appearance, impurities content is very low, the quality indicators are better than the national standard excellent products, instead of imported boric acid, and for the stripping industry continuous research and development and innovation, the development of different finness of products, and recently launched more in line with the press stripping industry to use custom boric acid, Become the first choice for release agent customers!