The efficacy of boric acid lotion

  1. Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory

Boric acid lotion contains acidic components, and its acidity can effectively stimulate bacteria and play the role of anti-inflammatory disinfection. Therefore, the usual use of boric acid lotion on the face, can play a redness effect.

  1. Inhibit fungi and bacteria

Clinically, it is used to treat eczema and bacterial infection. Secondly, the laundry detergent can also be used for the affected area of bladder injury, which has a certain easing effect on the skin problems caused by bacterial infection.

  1. Treat beriberi

The presence of beriberi is usually caused by a fungal infection. Boric acid lotion has antifungal effect.

  1. Cleanse your skin

In clinical practice, boric acid wash is also often used for skin, oral mucosa, corneal wounds and other rinsing and cleaning, for stomatitis and pharyngitis can also be used to gargle, play an anti-inflammatory effect. If you suffer from acute eczema or acute dermatitis, there is a lot of seepage, you can also use boric acid lotion to wet compress.

Although boric acid lotion has a lot of effects and effects, but it also has certain side effects, long-term use will lead to cumulative poisoning, so this drug can not be used for a long time. In addition, if it is used for a long time or is excessive, it is also prone to fatigue, confusion, menstrual disorders and other conditions. We hope that you should control the frequency during use.