What is boric acid?

Speaking of boric acid, many people are easy to think of nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other dangerous chemicals. In fact, boric acid is listed in the ninth national dangerous chemicals. Besides, it belongs to a single acid, weakly acidic and does not have inflammable, explosive, corrosion and other serious hazard attributes.  It can be Transported normally.  In industrial production,  touching boric acid may cause some irritation to your skin. You can wash your hands with water after touching.

Industrial boric acid is a white powder crystal with scaly luster. It feels smooth.  Boron contents is 17%. PE lining and woven bags are used for packaging. Each bag is 25kg and some products use ton bags which is convenient for users to use.

In addition, boric acid is a compound of boron oxide and water, which has certain moisture absorption characteristics. When the storage environment humidity is too high, it is easy to agglomerate. So it should be stored in a dry and dark environment to avoid direct contact with the ground. Although the chemical properties of boric acid will not change after caking, it will affect the fluidity and cause inconvenience in use.