What kind of boric acid is used in pharmaceuticals

Chongqing pharmaceutical customers choose DEL high purity boric acid
At present, with the improvement of the epidemic situation, various industries are starting work one after another. Due to the improvement of production requirements and other aspects, Mr. Ling of Chongqing Pharmaceutical found the high-purity boric acid of Del boron industry, which has been using local products before, and now can not meet their production needs. Now it is not only the quality of boric acid that is required, but also the quality of boric acid. It is also required that the packaging specification must be 800kg ton package, not more nor less, because the feeding is more convenient, and it is required to carry: Each batch of original factory test report and delivery note, which shows that for suppliers must require basic testing equipment and other requirements, but for general vendors can not meet their needs, so, found the qualified Der boron industry, reached the first cooperation. Del boron industry is committed to the industry boric acid research and development and sales, can also meet the custom needs of customers, if you have special needs for products, come to Del boron industry!
Del high purity boric acid by the majority of customers love
Derer high purity industrial boric acid using boron raw materials, processed by 2 steps of production process, high purity, white appearance, impurities content is very low, the quality indicators are better than the national standard excellent products, instead of imported boric acid, more in line with the use of cutting fluid customers. In addition, in order to ensure the stable use of customers, we have hundreds of tons of stock, no matter at any time to ensure stable supply.