Henan Boric Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Culture
Enterprise Mission:

Pursuing employee well-being for the advancement of society.

Corporate Vision:

Leading in powder chemical industry worldwide; pioneering custom boron products.

Enterprise Philosophy:

Integrity, Gratitude, Expertise, Innovation, Altruism



DORE established its first factory in Qinghai Province, specializing in boric acid production.


The company established a new factory in another boron mining base in Liaoning, focusing on high-purity boric acid production and research. Currently, we can stably produce high-purity boric acid with impurities <1ppm.


The first hexagonal boron nitride production line was put into operation in Zhengzhou, marking the diversified development of our boron products. We also expanded our boron carbide co-production base and rare earth boride production laboratory.


Established a production base in Zhengzhou for boric acid fine powder. In the same year, the shipment of 2000 mesh boric acid (D50 10μm±2) exceeded 200 tons.


Founded Borichem, responsible for the global sales of boron products.


We established Jingzuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. to serve the lithium battery cathode material industry and provide additives for the production of cathode materials, including boric acid fine powder, zirconia fine powder, aluminum sulfate fine powder, etc.

A company

Where not only manufactures outstanding products but also ignites the vitality of the market and sparks the enthusiasm of customers. Our mission goes beyond delivering unparalleled value to our clients; it also involves creating a fulfilling sense of achievement and reward for our employees. Every day, we invest our efforts and blend our wisdom to contribute an indelible force in driving societal progress.

A school

Where gathers the brilliance of countless wisdom, and every employee grows as a student. We sail continuously in the ocean of knowledge, refining our souls and exploring the direction of progress. What is even more precious is that we pass on the values of altruism from generation to generation, allowing everyone to experience a fulfilling life here. Borichem is not only a hall of learning but also a paradise of growth.

A family

Where imbued with deep love and affection among its members. We firmly believe that equality, fraternity, unity, and collaboration are the soul of a family. For twenty years and counting, we consider this place as the harbor of our home. With every sunrise and sunset, we feel the warmth of this home, with each member pouring love and cherishing this continuously blossoming abode. Borichem is where our hearts belong.

From the very first step, we are committed to creating boundless value for our customers and contributing to the progress of human society. With dynamism and warmth in our hearts, we continually strive to become a company that embodies these principles.

Honesty and gratitude are the core tenets we pursue. Guided by integrity, we uphold our promises to customers, providing them with professional and thoughtful services that simplify complexities and generate genuine value. Embracing the values of altruism, we spare no effort, surpass ourselves, and pursue excellence.

We firmly believe that high-quality products are our commitment to customers. Continuous improvement and relentless innovation drive our operations, ensuring that our products always lead the industry’s trends. To ensure we stay at the pinnacle of the highest industry standards, we iterate, evolve, and forge ahead.Borichem, for you, for the future.

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