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About boric
acid powder

Boric acid powder
Boric acid powder is usually used in lithium battery cathode materials, semiconductors, disinfectant tablet release, disinfectant powder, cosmetics, medicine, petroleum, fuel, ceramics and other industries
Granular boric acid
There are obvious differences in the appearance of boric acid powder and boric acid granules. powder has a fine particle size and low density, and can be mixed with other substances more uniformly. Because of the specific surface area, the dissolution rate will be faster under a specific particle size.
About particle size
We can precisely control the particle size of our products. Whether it is required sieving rate or particle size range, we have sufficient equipment and experience to complete customer orders
Supporting Subheading
Our Boric Acid Powder Factory GIAZUA

Application industry

It is mainly used in high-nickel ternary cathode material additives, chlorine dioxide release agent, medicine, petroleum, paint and other industries

Lithium battery cathode material

Tablet release

glass and ceramics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the particle size of your boric acid powder?
The particle size of our products can be as fine as 5μm±2. Usually, we will distinguish products with different specifications by 3000 mesh, 2000 mesh, 500 mesh, 200 mesh and 120 mesh.
How do you test the particle size of the powder
We usually use dry particle size detectors for testing, and we also hope that customers can use the same testing standards for comparison.
Is boric acid powder easy to agglomerate?
Usually, the nature of boric acid powder determines that it is easy to agglomerate, but we will use stricter production control and more airtight packaging to ensure that the product is dry.
How long is your delivery time?
We will send out samples within 3 days, within 20 tons, we will send out within 15 days, if more than 15 tons, our delivery time will be extended appropriately.
What is the shelf life of boric acid powder?
In a dry environment, this product can be stored for more than 3 months, but we recommend that the unpacked product be used in time, and long-term storage is not recommended to avoid caking.
how do i get samples?
Leave us a message or send us an email, we will contact you and provide you with free samples.

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