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Hexagonal boron nitride(HBN) 10043-11-5 SDS TDS

Molecular formula: BN

Specifications: HBN

Particle size
Application industry
D ≥99% 95% 0.5~3 Boron nitride ceramics
Composite ceramics
Conductive ceramics
Superhard material
Demoulding lubricating material
High-temperature coating
Thermal conductive filler

DN ≥99%
95% 1.5~1.0
DD ≥99%
95% 5~25
S ≥99%
95% 30~200
U ≥99%
95% 50~500nm
Hexagonal boron nitride is a synthetic non-oxide ceramic material. It has a similar crystal structure with graphite, also known as "white graphite". Due to the strong covalent bond in BN molecule, BN has many excellent properties compared with traditional metal materials and polymer materials:
(1) Excellent high temperature resistance;
(2) Excellent thermal performance;
(3) Good oxidation resistance;
(4) Stable friction performance;
(5) In addition, BN also has excellent physical and chemical properties such as low density, high resistivity, high dielectric property, excellent wave transmission performance, good processability, chemical corrosion resistance, and non-wetting with various metals.